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Marquee Film Festival: Sand Storm (2016)

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Israel | 87 min | NR | DCP | Dir. Elite Zexer

Jalila is hosting an awkward celebration--the marriage of her husband to a second, much younger wife--while trying to conceal the insult that boils inside her. Her daughter Layla is preoccupied with a different matter. Her secret, strictly forbidden, love affair with Anuar was just unveiled by her mother. As the story unfolds, they each fail in her individual battle. Their whole family falls apart and everything they believe in shatters. Now, the two women are forced to understand that, if they wish to survive, they will have to start seeing the world from each other's eyes.

"It's set in the heart of the desert, but the disturbances of the quietly impressive 'Sand Storm' rage not in the natural world but in the intimate corners of the human heart." - Kenneth Turan (Los Angeles Times)

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