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Marcia Légère Student Play Festival

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The Marcia Légère Student Play Festival is an annual event that it is entirely accomplished by students. This festival provides valuable opportunities for students across disciplines to explore, test, and practice the art of theatre. 

Alien Nation by Rini Tarafder, Directed by Samuel Wood

Alien Nation was called Non-Resident Alien in a previous draft, and raises questions about climate change, capitalism, and the survival of humans in a post-apocalyptic non-world. 

Watching Over The Mother by Michael Ortiz, Directed by Tierra Higgins

2 children watch over their Mother during her coma in a night of events that don't turn out the way either will expect..

Bullying 101 by Ananda Deacon, Directed by Christina Greenlee

 In an effort to turn a bunch of Davids into Goliaths, an eccentric professor tricks his students into enrolling in a course that teaches them how to bully properly. When one student starts to excel past his peers, the professor begins to wonder what he has created.

I Hate That by Sophie Bohr, Directed by Christian Brenny

Margot, Ingrid, and Jezebel find brief refuge from camp counseling by hiding out in the church’s janitor’s closet, but as they explore their beliefs and the bounds of their friendship they end up discovering more than they expected about themselves and each other.

Nothing New Under The Sun by Sydney Walker, Directed by Spencer Sondrol

Teaguen and Charles are left confused and disputatious on the roof of their apartment building while the sun takes a vacation. 

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