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Keep Calm and Take a Bite of Your Cricket Cookie

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Next time you encounter an insect, consider its nutritional value before you swat at it! Join WUD Cuisine as we host PhD student Valerie Stull from the Nelson Institute for a discussion regarding insects and their potential role in food. We will be talking about microlivestock farming and its potential as a sustainable and inexpensive means of improving food security in rural areas. Don't believe us? Taste a cricket cookie during the discussion!

Featuring Valerie Stull's Presentation: 

Let them eat bugs!  Insects and the Search for Sustainable Protein
Have you ever intentionally eaten an insect? If not, maybe you should!  Global food security is pressured on all sides by a changing climate, a growing population, inequitable food distribution, and widespread poverty. In 2013, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) highlighted entomophagy—the practice of eating insects—as one underutilized strategy to help meet current and future nutritional needs globally. And there are good reasons to consume edible insects!  Insects are nutritionally dense but significantly less resource-intensive than traditional livestock. The impetus for Americans to start consuming insects is clear.  This talk will explore the many benefits of insect consumption and production, while also discussing remaining knowledge gaps and the way forward for the edible insect movement.


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