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Kainalu w/ Sleepy Gaucho

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Kainalu is a psychedelic funk recording project by independent multi-instrumentalist, Trent Prall. Drawing influence from modern psych-rock and classic Motown artists he grew up listening to as a child, Kainalu’s unique sound has gained international appeal. Kainalu’s core is rooted in Prall’s Japanese-Hawaiian heritage; the word roughly translating to ocean waves, but more deeply the concept of the ocean rising and breaking down the islands through time and the impermanence of life. Kainalu explores this meaning through both its sound and visuals. Joined by a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and conguero, Prall creates a more jam-oriented live interpretation of his recorded music. Kainalu’s debut album, “Lotus Gate,” is out now.

Sleepy Gaucho's discerning brand of Panamerican influenced folk music floats somewhat aimlessly in a realm of it's own. Born in Wisconsin while also growing up some time in Argentina, the young multi-instrumentalist's music can at times be melancholic, at others ethereal, but always agreeable. The seven track debut record "Another Time" (March 2018), while initially recorded in Madison, WI, was eventually finished after the songwriter happened to find himself drifting around an East London neighborhood for a few months.

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