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Joel Chasnoff Presents: Israel - What's the Story?

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Joel Chasnoff uses comedy and characters to create a safe space for healthy discussion about Israel. In his interactive program, he portrays four characters that each have a unique view on Zionism that the audience members are welcome to challenge. His characters include:

Avner Mizrachi: A Sabra who thinks Zionism means living in Israel -- and nothing else. 

Aric Fox: An AIPAC volunteer who believes Zionism means ensuring Israel's military security. 

Jared Stein: An American college student who protests the Occupation and speaks out against Israel. 

Rabbi Daniel Lefkowich: A pulpit rabbi in the Diaspora who sermonizes that Israel is part of a larger puzzle called meaningful Jewish life. 


Co-sponsored by Men of Reform Judaism, Stand With Us, Hinenu, Hillel International, UW-Maidson Hillel, CAMERA, and Zionist Organization of America. 

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