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ICCA Great Lakes Quaterfinal

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7Days A Cappella | University of Minnesota
Alverno A Cappella | Alverno College
Iowa Hawkapellas | University of Iowa
Pitches and Notes | University of Wisconsin, Madison
The Enchantments | University of Minnesota
The Naturals | Marquette University
Under A-Rest | University of Wisconsin, Madison
Voices in Your Head | University of Chicago
Parkside Range | University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Northwestern Undertones | Northwestern University

Hosted by Fundamentally Sound!

The top two finishing groups at this event will advance to the ICCA Great Lakes Semifinal.

We invite you to tweet and Instagram this event using #ICCA.

Presented By

Fundamentally Sound

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Restaurants Nearby

The Brat Stand

Terrace at Memorial Union

Badger Market in Health Sciences Learning Center

Health Sciences Learning Center

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