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I Dream in Another Language / Sueño en Otro Idioma (2017)

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Mexico | 100 minutes | NR | DCP | Dir. Ernesto Contreras

"A young linguist travels to the jungle of Mexico to research and save a mysterious indigenous language. A language, as he discovers, at the point of disappearing since the last two speakers had a fight fifty years ago and refuse to speak a word with each other. Trying to bring the two old friends back together, he discovers that hidden in the past, in the heart of the jungle, lies a secret concealed by the language." (-Rotten Tomatoes)

"Poetic Mexican film raises philosophical questions about what is lost when a language - and by extension, our elders' memory - is allowed to fade away unpreserved." - Peter Debruge (Variety)


This event is intended for UW-Madison students, faculty, staff and Union members and guests. 

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