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Hoofer SCUBA: Winter Open Water Class (Referral Program)

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The Winter Hoofer Open Water SCUBA referral course consists of a self-paced eLearning web classroom where students learn about diving physiology and safety and the equipment and skills needed by every diver. This is followed by two indoor swimming pool sessions where students are able to apply your new knowledge in a controlled environment.  Students must complete the eLearning prior to the pool sessions (no exception). Once the eLearning and the pool training session are completed, each student to receive a PADI referral form to be taken to any PADI course provider to complete the open water certification by completing the four open water dives.

This 2019 Winter Open Water Referral class includes an academic online training and two indoor pool sessions only. At the completion of this class, each student will receive a PADI referral form. 

Each student needs to complete PADI's four (4) open water dives on their own within 6 months in order to become PADI Open Water certified. Students will need to show the referral form to any PADI course provider to schedule their own open water dives. Traditionally, Florida Keys has been a good warmer destination during winter break to complete the open water certification.

Another option would be to complete the four open water dives in Spring 2020 locally in Wisconsin. The cost to do this through Diversion Scuba is $75.





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