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Free Art Friday: Persian New Years

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Join WUD Global Connections for an evening of food and celebration. The theme for this event is the Persian New Years: Nowruz!

Our event will be starting later so make sure to join us from 7:00-8:00 for a free tasting of Persian foods and a presentation on the Persian New Years: Nowruz! Our speaker, Bahar Behzadnezhad, from the Persian Student Society will teaching us about how people celebrate Nowruz and the importance of the holiday. This event will be held in the Festival Room of Memorial Union. 

- Kuku Sabzi (Persian Frittata)
- Sholeh Zard (Rice Pudding)

We are collaborating with Wheelhouse studios, who will be hosting their Free Art Friday from 5-9 and focusing on multiple mixed media crafting projects. While we are collaborating with Wheelhouse Studios, their craft is NOT related to our theme of Nowruz. Feel free to come by Wheelhouse Studios early though (5-9pm) to make some mixed media paintings, decoupage tissue imagery, and hardware store jewelry!

For more info about the Wheelhouse Studios event:

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