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Foshizzle Family

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Foshizzle Family is a Madisonian creative collective and events crew that has been broadcasting their unique brand of audio/visual love since 2012. What started as a humble DJ party for friends at James Madison park has evolved into a never-ending series of day parties, underground events, regular gigs at local venues, and appearances at clubs and festivals throughout the midwest.

While their dynamic ranks of DJs and producers champion a wide variety of disco, house and techno stylings, the common modus operandi is simple: Make sure the dancers on the floor are feeling good.


Foshizzle Family's non-musical components are comprised of VJs, photographers, graphic designers, painters, sculptors, flow artists, tea masters and foodies who work together to provide a multi-sensory experience for their guests.


Foshizzle Family

Deep Beats • Good Vibes • Mad Love • Since 2012

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