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Fermat's Last Theater presents Franz Kafka's The Trial

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Fermat's Last Theater presents their own adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Trial. This production is a contemporary take on one of the great novels of the past century. Franz Kafka's vision of a lone man trapped in a legal system gone quietly mad is at once an absurdist nightmare and terribly realistic prophecy of a totalitarian future (or present). When Fermat's Last Theater meets Kafka's last novel, the result is a strange mix of farce and tragedy and an enormously powerful night of drama.  Jeff Casey directs, script by Alex Hancock.

There will be post-show discussions after the June 23rd and June 26th performances.  These discussions will be led by University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of German Hans Adler, Kate Judson and Greg Wiercioch from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, and director Jeff Casey.

For more information: Fermat's Last Theater Tumblr, Fermat's Last Theater Facebook

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