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Demographics as Destiny, Meets Technology the Disruptor

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Imagine how life might be different in 2030 and beyond! Explore this and more at this presentation brought to you by the Wisconsin Union Directorate Society & Politics Committee. At this event, we will delve into how society, business and government might evolve in the years ahead based on the intersection of two sources of change: demographic transitions and information technology.  

Starting from the assumption that ‘demographics is destiny’, we will look at global implications of challenges in dealing with aging populations from the Baby Boomer generation – and then opportunities for societies seeking to capture the economic output of Millennials who will be raising families and trying to find their success inside the workplace. Beyond demographics, it is information technology that continues to capture the imagination of change makers and disruptors.  The next decade will likely be reshaped by emerging technologies that leverage artificial intelligence and blockchain based transaction systems. As futurists, we want to understand this intersection of change where societies are confronting demographic transitions and trying to capture the benefits of advanced technologies while avoiding the downsides of disruption. 

About Futurist Garry Golden

Garry Golden is an academically trained Futurist who speaks and consults on issues shaping business and society in the 21st century.  Garry has led workshops and delivered keynote addresses across a wide range of clients from: Accenture Operations, AMEX, Boston Scientific, Fidelity, Goodyear Tire, Kennedy Center for the Arts, King Abdullaziz Center for World Culture, Microsoft, Xcel Energy, and the Walt Disney Company.  Garry graduated UW-Madison in 1998 with degrees in Political Science and South Asian Studies – and a certificate in Integrated Liberal Studies (ILS). He completed a graduate program in Futures Studies at the University of Houston and now lives with his family in Brooklyn, NY.

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