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Chocolate de Paz (2016)

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Colombia | NR | Digital | Dir. Gwen Burnyeat

‘Chocolate of Peace’ is the work of a British-Colombian team who believe in the transformative power of stories and film. The Peace Community of San José de Apartadó is an emblematic group of victims of the armed conflict, who have been building peace from the grassroots for twenty years. In this historic moment in Colombia of peace negotiations between the government of Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC-EP guerrilla, despite the Community’s fame in international human rights circles, many Colombians have never heard of them.

This documentary offers an account of their work as a new way for all Colombian society to think about their search for a fairer country. Firstly, through the human experiences of massacres, forced displacement, threats and terror. Only through empathizing with individual stories can human beings understand what it means for there to be over 8 million victims in Colombia, many of them rural, and appreciate how urgent the need is to end the armed confrontation.

*Screening is presented in collaboration the UW Colombia Support Network 

Chocolate de Paz, trailer from Chocolate de Paz on Vimeo.

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