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Chinese New Year Spring Festival Gala

Chinese New Year



The Spring Festival Gala is one of the biggest events for the Chinese Students and Scholar Association every year. Although the gala is held around February, the SFG committee would often times start planning ahead near almost the beginning of October. Because it’s being held every year for the past five years, the committee often tries to aim for something higher and newer. This year, we separated the entire gala into three chapters, which all in the end, are combined into a single, significant theme – reunion. The first chapter is set to be a national reunion, with performers coming from different parts of the world. The second chapter illustrates a Chinese reunion with most performances surrounding the traditional Chinese culture. The third chapter is a family reunion with two pieces of performances signifying the importance of home and family. Despite the various kinds of performances, in order to celebrate this significant holiday with our international students at the university as well as all Chinese families living in Madison, we are planning to incorporate firework this year to our event. However, the firework event is not intended for the Chinese people only, but for everyone living in Madison as well. Firework is considered quite essential in celebrating Chinese New Year. Therefore, we plan for the firework event to happen on February 7th 2016, which is the day of the Chinese New Year. Everyone is welcomed to join us in celebrating this important holiday!


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