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Arlo Guthrie: The Alice's Restaurant 50th Anniversary Tour

  • Arlo Guthrie Alices 50th Anniversary 10 21 15

Alice's Restaurant Massacree was released in 1967 and is Arlo Guthrie's most famous work, an 18 minute long hilarious account of actual events that precluded him from military service, became a platinum selling record and a full length motion picture. The piece is only included in his performances every 10 years, with this year being its 50th anniversary. Says Guthrie, "I'll do it again for the 60th anniversary, or I'll be dead. Whichever comes first." Guthrie, son of Woody Guthrie, boasts a long list of achievements, with 29 albums and many TV appearances. Often singing about social injustice, activism and various political issues, Guthrie not just sings but also plays the guitar, harmonica and piano.

MUSIC LINKS, NEWS, REVIEWS, & MORE: Arlo Guthrie Website, Wikipedia, Facebook


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