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Anna Burch with Tippy

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Anna Burch is a Detroit native artist, who's solo act is taking off after her debut album "Quit the Curse". The Detroit singer/songwriter was first known for singing in Frontier Ruckus, and more recently co-fronting Failed Flowers.

The songs from her newest album are seen as "sugary" and "ubeat" with contradictory darker lyrics. Mixed by Collin Dupuis, who previously worked on albums by both Angel Olsen and Lana Del Rey, the brightness of the songs are able to shine through clearly.

The Link to Anna Burch's facebook page can be found here, and her song "2 Cool 2 Care" from her newest album is down below. 




Tippy is a low-rent guitar rock band that likes to hang loose, while still keeping it tight. Something in the vein of Pavement, or maybe Neil Young on a good night. Tippy draws it's audiences in with their informal vibe and keeps them listening with real lyrics and killer textures. It's the oldest story in America, just 4 boys in a Mercury Mariner, license plate "B N Nauty."


You can find the link to their facebook page here, and a sample of their music down below.  

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