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Alien (1979)

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USA | 117 min | R | DCP | Dir. Ridley Scott

An absolute classic of science fiction and horror, Alien tells the story of spaceship Nostromo and its crew, whose journey is interrupted when they investigate a distress signal from a nearby vessel. On board, they discover a nest of alien eggs, one of which hatches and unleashes a terrifying alien force that has the crew fighting for their lives. Director Ridley Scott (The Martian, Gladiator) creates an original vision of a broken, rusting future, full of shadowy corridors which Sigourney Weaver must navigate in a desperate effort to stay alive (and creates a feminist icon in the process). "A modern masterpiece which, seen again a quarter-century later, makes us marvel at how the filmmaker generates so much tension and sweat with a bare minimum of moving parts." (Stephen Cole, Globe and Mail)

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