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Afternoon Conversation Series: Train to Pakistan

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Need something to do to unwind after a busy week? Wondering how you could meet new people from different walks of life on campus? Join us at Afternoon Conversation Series (ACS) for an interesting conversation!

ACS is a facilitated weekly experience put on by WUD Global Connections where you can engage in friendly conversations over different interactive themes presented each week.

This week our topic of discussion will be "Train to Pakistan : Challenging the increasingly hegemonic South Asia" with Professor Joseph Elder. 

India and Pakistan were created as two nations sort of equal in status quo to one another and did remain that way for a long time. However, with the passing of time, India emerged as the hegemonic center of South Asia. We'd like to talk about some disputes that are going on in the subcontinent. Kashmir, which has been news recently, Tamilians in Sri Lanka, Indo - China ties and Indo-Pakistan ties."

Come and join us for a relaxing Friday afternoon and make new friends. FREE Refreshments are served on a first-come, first-served basis each week—come early to ensure your treat!

To learn more about ACS and WUD Global Connections, check out our Facebook:

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