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ACS: A is for Asian : Dismantling the model minority myth

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Join us at Afternoon Conversation Series (ACS) for an interesting conversation! ACS is a facilitated weekly experience put on by WUD Global Connections where you can engage in friendly conversations over different interactive themes presented each week.

This week our topic of discussion will be "A is for Asian : Dismantling the model minority myth"

For decades, Asians have been seen as a model minority: Affluent, well educated, and self sufficient. However, this has led to an overlooking of a lot of issues within the community including poverty and a long history of discrimination. Still, they are one of the richest groups in the US. Contrast that to the UK, where first generation migrants earn much less than the national average. In the US, however, Asians continue to be the top earners with Indians and Filipinos making almost twice as their Black and Hispanic counterparts on average. Do American companies prefer Asian workers? Do Asian students have an unfair advantage having gone through a much more rigorous curriculum in their home countries? Does the model minority myth still hold true? Can it be replicated for other minorities?

Join us in conversation with Prof. Timothy Yu as we explore the idea of a "model minority"

Come and join us for a relaxing Friday afternoon and make new friends. FREE Refreshments are served on a first-come, first-served basis each week—come early to ensure your treat!

Our events are open to UW students, faculty and staff as well as Union members and their guests. 

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