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53rd Annual Hoofer Ski & Snowboard Resale

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The Hoofer Ski & Snowboard Club is proud to announce its 53rd Annual Hoofer Ski & Snowboard Resale, to be held Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4 in Varsity Hall, at Union South.  

About Resale

Come enjoy great deals on winter sports gear such as downhill and cross-country skis, snowboards, apparel, and more at significantly discounted prices from both local and national vendors, as well as new and slightly used gear from the community. Make the upcoming winter months active and full of fun with new or new-to-you equipment.

The Hoofer Ski & Snowboard Resale is the largest sale of its kind in the Midwest, and keeps growing! Vendors and community members bring in significantly discounted skis, snowboards, apparel, and more to create one amazing sale. Proceeds from the sale help fund Hoofer Ski & Snowboard Club's Nordic, Alpine, and Freestyle teams, as well as Hoofer Ski & Snowboard Club's trips. It also pays for annual free ski trips for local non-profit groups such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Selling Your Equipment

If you are selling your own new or used equipment, you can drop them off at Agriculture and Industry Room, 3rd Floor, Union South and let us sell it for you! Public drop off times are

  • Thu., Dec. 1, 5pm-9pm 
  • Fri., Dec. 2, 9am-8pm

Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club will take 17% of the sale. If you are unsure of how to price your items, volunteers at the public drop-off can offer suggestions. You will be able to track the sale of your items online. More information will be provided when you drop off your gear.

A maximum of 10 items are accepted per person. Unfortunately, we cannot accept used helmets, straight alpine skis and any skis with indemnified bindings. Additionally, non-rigid snowboards, snowboards with step in bindings, cross-country skis with 3-pin or 75mm bindings as well as cross-country boots that fit the 3-pin binding, and alpine boots that are more than eighteen years old and no longer meet current standards for sole shape and slipperiness will not be accepted. All apparel must be new with tags attached or dry cleaned within the last 6 months, presented with dry cleaning receipt.

If your items do not sell you must pick them up during the times listed below. If you do not, they become the property of Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club; no exceptions to this rule.

  • Sun., Dec. 4, 4pm-9pm
  • Mon., Dec. 5, TBD

Shopping for Someone Else?

Resale is a great place to pick up winter gear for everyone. Prepare yourself by bringing a list with their height, weight, and boot/shoe size (preferably in European sizing as well as standard sizing). 


Please call the Hoofers Office at (608) 262-1630 or email Resale Director, Isabelle Cooperstien, ahoofersnsresale@gmail.com. More information is also available at hoofersns.org/resale.


Lot 17 is a large parking structure in the Engineering Campus right across from the street from Union South and is the best option for close parking. Go to map.wisc.edu and search for “Lot 17” to see its location. Parking here will be $5.

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