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Opportunities & Aspirations

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Opportunities for the Wisconsin Union:

Based on our Strengths

  • Raise up program quality and its overall positive community impact
  • Create a food-first culinary experience
  • Realize the potential of a fully engaged membership base
  • Create more intentional outreach and engagement with diverse communities
  • Leverage the Wisconsin Union brand
  • Enhance our role as educators in creating purposeful student-staff partnerships
  • Increase environmental and sustainability consciousness across all operation areas
  • Implement technologies and best business practices to create a foundation for ongoing positive change
  • Build a sustainable staffing model for students and all staff that includes hiring, retention, training & recognition¬†

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Our Aspirations:

Based on our Named Opportunities

  • Be the leading provider of open and accessible high quality facilities, magnetic programs and services for all members of our community.
  • Foster a true sense of ownership among all Union users, especially UW-Madison students, faculty and staff and Wisconsin Union members.
  • Be a relevant and active builder of a strong, engaged and inclusive community on the UW-Madison campus and beyond.
  • Create an environment where we are the coveted employer on campus at all levels of employment classifications.
  • Maximize our quality of service and efficiencies in working towards these aspirations.


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