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Upcoming Memorial Union & Terrace Renovation

Posted: 08/31/15

The Memorial Union and Terrace will undergo renovations this fall as part of the Memorial Union Reinvestment (MUR). While the Terrace is regularly maintained to fix small issues, it undergoes a larger renovation about every 20 years. The upcoming renovation will start September 1, 2015 and will address accessibility issues, cracked and uneven pavement, and will improve the Terrace Stage so we can provide enhanced programming for students and visitors. The renovation is expected to be complete early next summer (2016).

During construction, Terrace seating will be available near the west wing of the Memorial Union by Outdoor UW, Shannon Sunset Lounge and on the sunset deck. The first phase of the Memorial Union Reinvestment added about 50 seats to the Terrace.

To learn more about the final phases of MUR, click here.

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