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Wisconsin Union, Karben4 launch Terrace-inspired, non-alcoholic collab beverages, called Terrace Strawberry Lemonade and Terrace Lemonade

Posted: 08/10/23

Wisconsin Union, Karben4 launch Terrace-inspired, non-alcoholic collab beverages, called Terrace Strawberry Lemonade and Terrace Lemonade

The nonprofit organization the Wisconsin Union and Madison beverage company Karben4 have released two non-alcoholic, gluten-free, sparkling beverages, called Terrace Lemonade and Terrace Strawberry Lemonade, at the Union’s Memorial Union.

For the first time, customers can purchase Terrace Strawberry Lemonade and Terrace Lemonade exclusively at Memorial Union and, beginning in the fall, at all Wisconsin Union-run dining locations.

Handcrafted in Madison, Wisconsin, the creation of the lemonades combines the culinary expertise of Karben4 and the Wisconsin Union as well as the summery inspiration from its namesake, the Union’s summertime destination the Memorial Union Terrace. The teams collaborated for more than six months, spending time testing ingredients and trying numerous flavor combinations before finalizing the recipes. 

Both lemonades contain real lemon juice and no artificial colors. The teams crafted the beverages to be vegan, non-alcoholic and gluten-free to ensure as many customers as possible could enjoy them. 

"These lemonades are like summer in a can,” said Ryan Koga, Karben4 co-founder, co-owner and brewmaster. “The project was a fun challenge, and it was an honor to collaborate with the Wisconsin Union on what I hope becomes an iconic mainstay for the Terrace."

The collaboration began when the Wisconsin Union dining and hospitality team approached the Karben4 crew about creating Terrace-inspired beverages. With UW–Madison alumnus Zak Koga among its founders, the founders’ love of the Terrace, and the teams’ shared passion for creating high-quality products and flavorful recipes for its customers, a partnership quickly formed. 

"This was such a cool project to collaborate on. I'm a UW–Madison alum and lifetime Wisconsin Union member,” Karben4 Co-founder and Co-owner Zak Koga said. “It's been a labor of love to create something for the Wisconsin Union and the University that everyone can enjoy."

The Wisconsin Union team will give patrons free samples of the Terrace-themed lemonades at the Memorial Union Terrace during a surprise pop-up in the near future. The team will not announce the pop-up in advance.

“Terrace Strawberry Lemonade and Terrace Lemonade taste like sunshine,” said Carl Korz, Wisconsin Union associate director for dining and hospitality services. “These are the perfect beverages for people of all ages to enjoy at the Terrace and will help us all hang on to Terrace vibes during colder months while we await each Terrace season.” 

Patrons can purchase the Terrace Strawberry Lemonade and Terrace Lemonade exclusively at the Wisconsin Union’s Memorial Union at this time. By early fall, the teams anticipate the lemonades being available for purchase at all Wisconsin Union dining locations, including at Union South and the Union’s markets and cafes throughout Madison. 

Wherever patrons purchase Terrace Strawberry Lemonade or Terrace Lemonade, they support the nonprofit Wisconsin Union’s spaces, low-cost and free events and student leadership opportunities as well as local employment opportunities and beverage production at Karben4.

“The Union saw the opportunity to create something unique, and then it was up to us to find a great local partner, which we did in Zak and Ryan Koga at Karben4,” Korz said. “Our team also did an amazing job on the graphics and capturing the Terrace vibe of summer fun.”

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